Natural Cap, Model - Emily

Natural Cap

Natural Cap is a breathable cap that gives a completely natural feeling to the wearer.

Natural Cap uses virgin, European, Remy Hair with completely intact cuticle cells that have never been coloured or bleached: undoubtedly the best quality natural hair available on international markets today!

The European hair used in this model maintain a texture and consistency unique to touch; a movement, sheen and a fall so natural that it is impossible to tell that it is actually a wig.

  • 100% natural
  • French top with invisible knotting
  • 100% natural, virgin, untreated Remy Hair
  • Unbeatable natural look

Wigs that use Natural Cap: Emily

The EMILY model has been created with European hair specially chosen for the Natural Cap.

Natural Cap structure and composition

Materials and Structure

The upper section is made with a “French Top” – 3 layers of lace mesh that hide the knot, adding to the impression that the hair is growing directly from the skin. This makes for a unbeatable natural look.

The rear section is made up of concentric hair textures, closely stitched to guarantee perfect adherence to the back of the head. The cap comes with polyurethane strips on the front sides and rear for an optional use of a two-sided tap for extra grip and tighter fit.

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Why Choose Natural Line?
Why choose Natural Line?

Handmade Italian wigs
100% virgin Remy Hair
Only healthy intact cuticle

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