The innovative SENSITIVE CAP is the lightest cap ever produced, designed specifically for women who suffer from permanent hair loss.

Years of research in close contact with women who suffer from alopecia has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of those women who have to wear a wig for long periods of time and therefore, has enabled us to produce this extraordinary light-weight cap.

It is very important that people who suffer from alopecia wear a breathable cap that is also gentle and pleasing against the scalp.

  • Lightest cap ever produced
  • Breathable – 100% hand-tied
  • Anti-slip Silicone strips – polyurethane patches for an optional use of double-sided tape
  • Diamond Net
  • Ear to ear Lace Front
  • Available in 3 sizes: S, M, L

Sensitive Cap is available in 3 sizes for a perfect fit, even for those women who have a smaller or larger than average head circumference.

S: size small – circumference 52cm
M: size medium – circumference 54cm
L: size large – circumference 56cm


The materials used in making this cap have been specifically selected to provide the maximum comfort.
An extra soft Diamond net in the upper part of the cap ensures both maximum breathability and comfort.
The lace front goes from the forehead all the way down to the temples guaranteeing an invisible hairline ideal for those women who want to wear their hair up.

Anti-slip silicone strips have been efficiently positioned in various parts of the cap to guarantee perfect adherence to the scalp.
These strips are positioned all around the top and back sections, to ensure a tight grip without the use of specific glues or tapes making this wig ideal for women with a sensitive scalp.
SENSITIVE CAP has also been designed for those women who have a very active lifestyle, such as women who are used to doing sports. Patches of polyurethane have been added to the temples and back part of the cap for an optional use of double-sided tape to ensure an extra hold.
The materials that go into producing the wig go hand in hand with the quality of the Remy Hair used, making SENSITIVE CAP an outstanding product in the NATURAL LINE collection.

Wigs with Sensitive Cap are: Dominique/Megan

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Why choose Natural Line?

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