A genuine 100% Remy Hair wig

What is Remy Hair or 100% Remy hair?

Actual Remy Hair is human hair that has a completely intact cuticle and all cells aligned in one direction (from the root towards the tip).

Only with careful selection and processing can hair maintain the undamaged unidirectional cuticle necessary for genuine Remy Hair. It is considered the finest quality of human hair.

For a wig to be 100% Remy Hair, it is essential to use 100% natural human hair, with not just an an intact cuticle, but also with overlapping cuticle cells that lay in one direction (like the overlapping tiles on a roof).

The benefits of using 100% Remy Hair in a wig

Genuine Remy with intact cuticle can be classified by softness and shine and are the most sought after on the market. Wigs made with 100% authentic Remy have a many advantages:

  • They don’t tangle easily (thanks to the intact cuticle).
  • They remain full-bodied and voluminous for a longer time.
  • Wigs made with genuine Remy Hair tend to last longer
  • They are higher quality and so look great!

A word of warning about “100% Remy Hair”

It has almost become a custom to throw around loosely the term “100% Remy” when referring to a natural hair wig.
In reality, genuine whole Remy hair with intact cuticle is a minority on the market due to the strong demand and high sourcing costs.

To maintain a high production level, many Remy producers prefer to use “hair collections” – sidestepping certain quality controls whilst sourcing hair – for example, not failing to check that the cuticle cells all overlap in the same direction – root to tip.

Using poor quality hair (non-Remy) necessitates different procedures in hair processing and sacrifices the quality of the end result. A wig made with non-Remy hair cannot compare in quality of end-product to a wig crafted with 100% genuine Remy hair.

All of our wigs use 100% genuine virgin Remy!

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