Natural Line Colours

Wearing a Natural Line wig gives you the feeling of having your own hair back. This is not only thanks to our extra thin, light-weight, hand-crafted caps (that give the wearer an unparalleled comfort), but also the extremely natural range of modern colours used.

With a depth of knowledge and close collaboration with leading hair stylists, we have created a line of wigs that leave no stone unturned:

  • Innovative Caps
  • Natural colours of the highest quality
  • Modern and extremely natural colours

Our meticulous attention to style and competence that distinguish us – the fruit of years of experience can be found in the range of colours on offer in our wig collection.

Fair Fashion Natural Line wigs are available in more than 32 different colours. We aim to offer a wide choice to ensure that our customers have no need to dye the wig to make it similar to their own colour.

Glamourous cuts and fashionable colours allow you to maintain or improve your look without anyone spotting the difference.

Why are the Natural Line colours so natural?

To reproduce the natural appearance of a head of hair the colours are always multi-tone. In fact, if you take a bunch of hair, it is made up of lots of individual strands of similar colour tones – the hair is not all the same colour. On close inspection you will see different shadings caused for example by natural sun bleaching.

Hair experts work through the wig centimetre by centimetre following precise patterns and inserting different hair colours in order to create the effects of light and movement, giving our wigs a very natural appearance.
For example, we add 2-3 similar colours to create a unique and non-uniform effect that appears very natural.

Our brown hair colours are always multi-tone:

2/4 colours4/6 colour8/32 color6/8/10 color10/12 colour

You can also choose from other mixed colours from brown through to light blonde:


Over the last few years, traditional hair colours have been on the decline, making way for a myriad of tones and shades. Following closely these trends, we have introduced wigs with different including wigs with shatush, degrade and darker roots/ regrowth effects, for example:

Shaded effect


Root/ regrowth effect


Since we use 100% natural hair, you can certainly customize the colour of each wig. However, we advise against colouring the hair by yourself, instead visit your nearest authorised salon.

We also strongly advise against discolouring any wig – doing so can cause permanent damage to the hair. Colouring of the wig should always be from lighter tones to darker tones.

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Why Choose Natural Line?
Why choose Natural Line?

Handmade Italian wigs
100% virgin Remy Hair
Only healthy intact cuticle

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