Why Choose Natural Line?

The importance of hair in the production of high quality natural hair wigs

Creating high quality natural hair wigs is a complex process. Sourcing the materials and the working of the hair must go through precise standards of quality control.

Anything less than perfect can lead to any number of defects caused usually by a poor quality of hair used and a craftsmanship that does not respect the hair’s natural structure. Only by careful selection and careful worksmanship can you guarantee a fabulous looking natural hair wig that keeps its silky softness, shine and thick body over time.

How is our hair structured?

If you take a cross-section of hair, you can see 3 concentric layers:

  • Medulla – the internal layer is made up of the cells responsible for hair growth.
  • Cortex – the middle layer is made up of melanin rich cells – responsible for the hairs colour.
  • Cuticle – the external layer is made of overlapping flat cells that protect the hair keeping it colourful, strong and healthy.

Hair structure - showing 3 layers - important for high quality natural hair wigs

The cuticle – shiny tangle-free hair with no knots

The part of the hair that we can see and touch is the cuticle. The state of the cuticle is a key indicator of the actual health of the hair.

The flat cells that make up the cuticle overlap much like roofing tiles, always pointing in the same direction – with the open side pointing towards the tip of the hair. This particular feature of the cuticle is responsible for the shininess of our hair and allows individual hairs to slide one over the other without getting tangled and knotted.

When the cuticle is intact and healthy, our hair appears soft, shiny and elastic. When on the other hand the cuticle is damaged or consumed, the hair can appear opaque, exhausted, dehydrated and lacks elasticity

The hair used in our wigs

Our wigs, in particular, the models: _EMILY _DOMINIQUE _MEGAN _LORY _MIA _SARAH use only carefully selected hair of the highest quality in the best conditions. We do not (ever) treat the hair chemically: we use just virgin Remy Hair with a healthy intact cuticle.

The hair undergo a careful and precise selection, before they are prepared for use in our stunning high quality natural hair wigs.

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Superior craftsmanship: the processing of our wigs

After being divided by length, the hair is carefully and delicately depigmented without losing the structure. It then undergoes the colouring process to obtain one of a vast selection of colours, from black to extreme light blonde, from chestnut to red, without excluding the effects such as mesciatura, darker regrowth and shatush or degrade. Now the hair is ready to be made into wigs by our craftsmen using ultra-light caps designed for maximum comfort.

All of our wigs are handmade (with the exception of the Angel and Irene models that have the rear section machine made).

The hair is knotted on transparent, breathable mesh to help replicate the natural growth of hair from the skin. For the most natural looking wigs possible, the knots done using one or at most two strands of hair.

Supervision and quality control

Our competence and experience are reflected in every stage of production, giving a guarantee of the finest quality to the minute detail.

Thanks to our precision monitoring and supervision, highly professional processing and our selection of from the best raw materials (Remy Hair with intact cuticle), our wigs maintain their look and shine for longer period of time.

What is true Remy Hair?

True Remy Hair is human hair with an intact cuticle, and all cells aligned in one direction (from the root towards the tip).

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Why Choose Natural Line?
Why choose Natural Line?

Handmade Italian wigs
100% virgin Remy Hair
Only healthy intact cuticle

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