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EASY VOLUME MONO is a non-surgical hair thickening process for people who suffer from hair thinning on top of the head and around the crown.

EASY VOLUME MONO is a non-surgical hair thickening process for people who suffer from hair thinning on top of the head and around the crown.

The hair, strictly 100% Remy, are individually knotted onto a extra fine, breathable mesh, guaranteeing volume and a natural effect. To the naked eye, the new hair looks to be growing straight from the scalp.

Depending on a client’s personal preference EASY VOLUME MONO can be can be temporarily fixed onto the client’s actual hair with combs or clips, or when necessary can be attached permanently to the skin with hypoallergenic two-sided adhesive. This latter type of attachment allows for a hassle-free solution that will in no way restrict the client’s lifestyle.

EASY VOLUME MONO is produced with the highest quality hair and comes in different lengths: 15×13 cm, 22 cm, and 35 cm (Easy Volume Mono L).

We also offer the possibility of having Easy Volume Mono to a custom length. Choose the length and colour best suited to your client.

Colors: 4 – 8/32 – 10/27 – 8R10/12 – 9/28/15 – 213F – 8R14/25

Colors: 2/4 – 4/6 – 8/32 – 8R10/12 – 8R27/30 – 9/28/25 – 8R14/25

Available colours




LUXURY TOP is a non-surgical hairpiece, made exclusively with premium quality European hair : European Virgin hair, meaning it is Remy hair with intact cuticles which has never been treated or dyed, undoubtedly the best quality available on international markets today. This European hair has a unique texture which makes it soft and shiny and gives it natural movement.

The upper section is made of 3 layers of lace mesh otherwise known as “French Top”, which hides the knots giving the impression that the hair grows directly from the scalp with a very natural effect.

LUXURY TOP comes with a strip of polyurethane all around its perimeter for an optional use of double-sided tape to ensure an extra grip.

Colors : 4/6 – 8 – 10/12 – 8/14 – 12/14/16 (European Hair Ring)

SIZE 15X13 cm – HAIR LENGTH 22 cm

Available colours

Please note: The colors may vary from the color chart as the hair is virgin, not colored or bleached. The European color chart is different from the one used for the rest of the collection.



LUXURY NET is a non-surgical hairpiece that uses the MicroLine method, an exceptional and revolutionary new system that integrates a micro-fine, virtually invisible net into the Client’s existing hair with a special thread of keratin, the so called MicroLine. NET is made exclusively with premium quality European hair.

  • The upper section is made of 3 layers of lace mesh otherwise known as “French Top”, which hides the knots giving the impression that the hair grows directly from the scalp with a very natural effect.
  • This method enables to pass some of the Client’s hair through the net all around the perimeter integrating it with the hairpiece and making it possible to comb and style just as if it were your own.
  • Unlike other hairpieces and wigs, this method will not set limitations to one’s normal lifestyle. The Microline System is perfectly adapted for each client’s specific situation.
  • Easy Volume Luxury Net uses exclusively Virgin European hair which is soft and shiny and has natural bounce and elasticity.

Colors: 4/6 – 8 – 10/12 – 8/14 – 12/14/16 (European Hair Ring)


SIZE S 14X8 cm – 22 cm HAIR LENGTH


SIZE M 16×14 cm – 22 cm HAIR LENGTH


SIZE S : 14×8 cm – 35 cm HAIR LENGTH

Available colours

Please note: In the 22 cm item the colors may vary from the color chart as the hair is virgin, not colored or bleached. The European color chart is different from the one used for the rest of the collection.



With twenty years of experience, Fair Fashion offer the possibility to became a professional with our hair thickening courses for professionals. We regularly organize training and refresher courses on the best and most advanced hair thickening techniques.

A professional thickening service should be offered as one which “creates” in the truest sense of the word, with the power to transform and improve the customer’s appearance.






New Sensitive Cap
Sensitive Cap – Styles : Dominique and Megan


Available in 3 cap sizes (from January 2018):

Sensitive Cap set available at a price of € 90,00

New ombre color for Dominique and Megan : 6/8SH30 (available from March 2018)

Color 6/8SH30


Confidence Cap with Diamond Net -
Confidence Cap with Diamond Net – Styles : Lory, Mia and Alexis

Styles MIA and LORY with diamond net in contact with the scalp
New ombre color 2/4SH8 in the style Lory

New style ALEXIS (available from March 2018)
Same cap of Mia and Lory with diamond net, same quality hair with intact cuticle. Price for distributors : € 343,00 – Resale price suggested for shops : € 490,00

Color 2/4SH8
Joelle - New colors
Style : Joelle – Colors : 10/12SH25 and 4R30/33

New ombre color 10/12SH25 (available from March 2018)
New color 4R30/33 (available from March 2018)

Brend - New Colors
Style : Brenda – Colors : dark grey #44 and light grey 56F51

New colors : dark grey #44 and light grey 56F51 (available from March 2018)
The grey colors are mixed with heat resistant fiber.


New Comfort Cap
Comfort Cap – Styles : Valery and Sophie

New colors : dark grey #44 and light grey 56F51 (available from March 2018)
The grey colors are mixed with heat resistant fiber.

New ombre color 10/12SH25 (available from March 2018)

NEW NATURAL CAP (available from May 2018)

Natural Cap – Style: Emily

Style EMILY – European hair – length : 20/25cm – New all hand tied cap with lace front

New Style GIADA (picture not yet available) – European hair – length : 30/35cm – New all hand tied cap with lace front

New Style PENELOPE (picture not yet available) – European hair – Length : 40/45cm – New all hand tied cap with lace front – all hand tied cap with lace front




New Easy Volume Luxury Top (available from January 2018)

Luxury Top

European hair, French top with hidden knots (like top of style Emily)
Size 15×13 – hair length 20/22cm

New Easy Volume Luxury Net (Micro Line)

Luxury Net 14x8
Luxury Net – Size 14×8

New Easy Volume Luxury Net (Micro Line) (available from January 2018)
European hair, frech top with hidden knots on the central part, microline all around
Size 14×8 – hair length 20/22cm

New Easy Volume Luxury Net (Micro Line) (available from May 2018)
European hair, frech top with hidden knots on the central line, microline all around
Size 14×8 – hair length 30/35cm 

Luxury Net 16x14
Luxury Net – Size 16×14

New Easy Volume Luxury Net (Micro Line) (available from January 2018)
European hair, frech top with hidden knots on the central line, microline all around
Size 16×14 – hair length 20/22cm

New Easy Volume Luxury Net (Micro Line) (available from May 2018)
European hair, French top with hidden knots on the central line, microline all around
Size 16×14 – hair length 30/35cm


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to shave my head to wear a wig?

Natural Line wigs have been created for women totally without hair. However people suffering from alopecia areata can wear wigs based on Comfort Cap, or Basic Cap as they are silicone free and therefore also suitable for those who have hair.

People who suffer from alopecia areata who choose to shave their head completely will be able to wear wigs created with Sensitive Cap or Confidence Cap: both of which have a built in non-slip silicone strip, eliminating the need to fix the wig with adhesives.

Is my wig 100% Remy Hair?

Fair Fashion use only 100% Remy Hair.

When the hair is knotted the “return from the knot” has cuticle in the opposite facing direction to the rest of the hair which can create problems. In some models the cuticles are partially removed at the top of the head to avoid this problem. Find out more

In other models (such as Natural Cap) the cuticles are totally undamaged as the “return from the knot” is hidden inside a layer of mesh.

Which hair products can I use on my wig?

Wigs do not receive nourishment from the scalp, so they need more care than regular hair. Careful maintenance is essential. Common shampoos and conditioners should not be used on your wigs. Instead we recommend protein-rich products to compensate for the lack of nourishment.

Products designed for coloured and treated hair can be used on natural hair wigs for example the PLUS 12 line.

Even wigs made with Remy Hair of Intact cuticles (the finest quality on the market) need to be hydrated with quality products. We also recommend using thermoprotective products that protect the cuticle over time from damage caused by heat and thermal stress.

Can I colour or dye my wig?

Fair Fashion’s Natural Line wigs are available in over 32 colours. This is so our customers can find a wig already similar their natural hair colour.

Being made of natural hair, you can dye a Natural Line wig, though this must be done by an experienced hair professional. So if you want to colour your wig, we recommend that you contact an authorized salon.

Colouring should always be done from light to darker tones. Discolouration should be avoided as it can cause permanent hair damage (such as drying, making brittle or frizzy). Remember that the hair has already gone through a dyeing process, albeit delicate so please take care.

Natural Line provide multi-tone colours to reproduce the natural appearance of hair. For example, colour 8 (a medium brown) is actually made by mixing 2-3 similar browns. Some colours are also available with a Calico, Shatush or regrowth effects.

Find out more about our colours

Fair Fashion follow closely the latest trends, regularly offering new colours.

Will my wig fade over time?

Whether coloured or not, all natural hair will discolour over time largely due to exposure to sun light

To overcome the natural lightening process you can dye the hair a Natural Line wig (after all it is 100% human hair). We recommend that you ask at your nearest authorized salon to get your wig darkened to the shade you want.

My scalp is sensitive: can I still wear a wig?

Our wigs are designed for comfort. They are made with latest generation, high quality materials. All mesh are cotton and the caps are breathable.

Sensitive Cap, is the lightest we have ever produced.

In rare cases even the best materials can irritate sensitive skin. In case of irritation, we recommend using an undercap to protect your skin. For persistent problems please consult a physician.

Can I wear my wig immediately?

Before wearing the wig we recommend giving it a gentle brush, as it will have been packaged with a standard blow dry.

The hair can be styled and blow dried with a standard hairdryer, straighteners and hairspray, to fit the wig to suite the shape of your face.

I have very little hair and may soon loose all my hair – which wig is best for me?

Our wigs have been created with alopecia sufferers in mind. If you suffer from hair thinning, patchy or complete alopecia, we have the right product for your requirements.

15 models on 5 different types of cap (shell) are ready waiting for you. Each comes in a range of colours to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

What is Easy Volume?

Easy Volume is a hair thickener designed especially for women with thin or thinning hair. Depending on the type of thinning we have created three different solutions of Easy Volume. Discover thickener best suits to your needs: Easy Volume Mono, Easy Volume Net, Easy Volume Tape. Find out more.

How to choose the colour of my wig?

Once you have chosen the model, you will find a colour picker at the foot of the page. Alternatively you can contact your nearest authorized centre to check out hair samples and try on the caps to find the one best suited for you.

If you have never worn a wig before, we recommend choosing the colour most similar to the natural colour of your hair.

Are the online colour samples realistic?

Throughout our website, the page of each model has a colour chart showing photos of each colour. It is important to note that the colour on the screen does not perfectly reproduce the actual colour in real life. Each monitor or screen is different in both design and in colour calibration and brightness. Some screens for example make images clearer or warmer. We recommend to contact your nearest authorized salon to view our wig colours. Also consider that hair colour changes slightly when placed under natural light or artificial light.

Why is it important to have more than one wig?

We suggest you keep at least two wigs with you at all times. The first and most obvious reason is that a wig will last longer if it is not worn every day. Secondly, there may be times when you need a substitute such as when you wash the wig it will take time to dry, or when it is off for repairs.

Your wardrobe may well contain at least 3 bags to suit your look, or more than 10 pairs of shoes. A wig can be important for your image. Our advice is always to have at least 2 available to cover any eventuality.

What is the best way to look store my wig?

We recommend storing your wig in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, This will help preserve the colour and prevent accidental damage. To avoid knotting and maintain the shape of the cap, store the wig on a mannequin head. Use only the officially recommended brushes and products for the care and maintenance of your wig.

What are the delivery times for standard orders?

Our wigs are ready for immediate dispatch to meet even the most urgent demands. We understand that many purchases are made due to medical therapies and thus our customers need to receive their wig in a short period of time.

What are the waiting times for special orders or made to measure?

Made to measure orders are usually delivered in 8-12 weeks from the date of the receipt of the order. Waiting times depend on the chosen product, type of hair and colour. Please also take into consideration the shipping and the passage of goods through customs.

It is only possible to place special orders though our authorized sales points.

I like a certain model but would like a personalized colour or cap? Is this possible?

Natural Line models are ready for dispatch with default characteristics as seen on our website (size, colour range and cap). If you have special requirements or require customisation, then you can make a special order.

Sometimes a client requires a smaller head and orders a Sarah wig with 213F colour made-to-measure: so we’re going to create a wig with Sarah characteristics (hair type and colour) but with the cap built to a customized size.

So yes, you can take one of our wig models as a reference point and make changes to suit you. Similarly our Easy Volume hair thickening range can be made to measure if you provide us with casts or measures of the cap.

Can you reproduce a colour of hair?

Yes, we can recreate almost any colour – this would obviously be classes as a tailor made solution.

We will need to receive a colour sample (a small strand of hair) that can be used as reference. We can reproduce almost all shades of colours, from black to blond colour with Calico or Shatush effect on any wig model.

Can I send a wig as a colour sample?

Yes, you can send us a wig as a colour sample used to create a new wig in the same colour (in fact, almost any colour can be reproduced).

However, it is important to note that natural hair cannot be compared with synthetic hair. So if you want us to send as a synthetic fiber wig as colour reference, remember that they have very different characteristics and therefore are not comparable

Do you have wig colours with regrowth/root or Shatush effects?

Yes, we have colours with regrowth/darker roots effect (the root is about 3-4 cm) or with Shatush.

The colours with regrowth/ darker roots are: 8R10/12 – 8R27/30 – 8R14/25 – 10R14/26

Colours with Shatush effect are: 4/6SH28 – 6/8SH30 – 10/12SH25

Alternatively we can recreate your dream colour effect with a made-to-order wig.

Do you do wig repairs?

Of course! You will need to send the wig to us through your nearest authorized Fair Fashion centre.

We can repair most types of damage due to wear and tear and thus prolong the life of your wig. Please note that after 9-12 months of use the wig may need a thickening. Some people manage to make their own wig last longer than others, this depends on how frequently they wear and the way they treat their hair.

How long does it take to repair a wig?

It will usually take 6-8 weeks to fix a wig. This can increase for complicated repairs such as the thickening of a large area of the cap.

Do you provide a guarantee on your wigs and toupees?

Yes. We guarantee the wig for up to three months after purchase, because we know and trust the quality of our materials and workforce.

However, the guarantee is only valid if you follow the use and maintenance guidelines. This is to distinguish between defects caused by improper processing (which are covered by warranty) and damage caused by incorrect use.

A wig can be easily damaged by for example exposure to high temperatures, poor cuts, use of strong products, colouring and perms to name a few. The behavior that the person adopts affects the state of the wig, for example, sleeping with the wig on the head, or failing to rinse the wig after swimming in the sea or a chlorinated pool can lead to a quicker deterioration.

We try to educate our clients via workshops on the rules for proper use and maintenance of the wig.

Fair Fashion reserve the right to inspect and verify the origin of the damage before you activate the product warranty.

How long on average does a wig last?

The life of a wig depends primarily on the care and attention of the wearer. Correct care for the wig can extend the life by up to two years.

On the other hand other factors such as the uses of straighteners, hair dryers or sleeping with the wig can accelerate the wear and tear. Chemical processes such as perms, dyeing or the use of hair sprays and gels all reduce a wigs lifespan.

The lifespan of a wig also depends on the cap used and of the type of hair with which it is made.

A handmade wig not usually last as long as a machine made wig. Hair loss is in fact a natural process for this type of wig as the knots come undone over time each time the wig is worn, causing a progressive loss of hair. Even if well maintained, a handmade wig will have to be thickened after the first 9-12 months.

Another element to consider is the type of hair. Remy Hair with intact cuticles have a longer shelf life, whilst hair without cuticles will need more care and last less as they have been more processed.

Regarding toupees, those fixed with adhesive last less than those applied with clips as the latter can be removed at night.

Can I sleep with my wig?

Yes, it is possible to sleep in a wig or toupee, but it is important to note that they will wear out quicker. This is for two reasons. Firstly, the time of use will be almost double (worn for 24 hours a day rather than 12 hours every 24). The second reason is friction – the hair will rub on the pillow during sleep.

Anyone who wishes to sleep in their wig, we suggest you use a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and allow the hair can move more smoothly on the pillow.

If you own a long-haired wig, we suggest wearing the hair up to keep the hair from tangling during the night.

Do you have different types of hair?

Yes, our wigs are made with different types of hair depending on the model, this allows us to offer a variety of products over a broader price spectrum.

We always use Remy Hair – the finest quality of hair, with the cuticles all pointing in the same direction from root to tip.

On some models the cuticles are intact on other partially removed to avoid problems with the return from the knot. Our wigs with shorter hair have had the cuticles completely removed.

All you need to know about hair and wig production.

Here is a more detailed look at the hair types and wig models:

  • European virgin Remy Hair with intact cuticle: this very rare hair type is used in our Emily model. The hair has not undergone any type of treatment (hence the “virgin”) and have retained intact the cuticle. This is the highest quality hair, reserved for luxury products.
  • Eurasian Remy Hair with intact cuticle: used for Megan – Dominique models – Lory – Mia – Sarah. We use the best quality hair with intact cuticle availableon the market
  • Eurasian Remy Hair without cuticle intact: for our shorter hair models Alexis – Brenda – Sophie – Valery – Aura – Angel – Giulia – Joelle we use this type of hair carefully treated as it is thinner than typical Asian hair. Irene is the only long-haired wig made with Remy Hair without cuticle. This is allows us to offer a long-haired model at a reasonable price (thanks to the machined produced cap).

Can I perm my wig?

The darker hair models with intact cuticles can be permed. Perming should be avoided with blond hair. Perming is likely to lighten hair. So if you intent to perm your wig, choose a darker tone than the desired colour.

We don’t advise doing this by yourself, but through your nearest authorized salon.

Bear in mind that any chemical treatment will reduce the hair length.

I want to make my wig as natural as possible – what can I do?

Natural Line wigs are all extremely natural thanks to the cap design, the cuts and colours that reproduce the effects of natural hair.

Can I style, straighten and blow dry my wig?

Our wigs only use high quality human hair, so it is possible to style the wig just as if they were the hair growing from your scalp. However, tools for hot styling (such as blow dryers and plates) damage hair over time. You may want to use thermo protector products, such as the Keratin Plus 12, to protect hair from damage caused by heat.

Can I swim wearing my wig?

Even though we know that many of our clients don’t follow this advise, we suggest not to swim with your wig on.

There are two reasons for this: chlorinated and salt water damage and fade the hair (particularly in combination with exposure to the sun). Secondly, the hair absorb the water, making the wig heavier and causing loss of shape in the cap.

We suggest using one of the many synthetic wigs on the market that repel water for anyone who swims regularly and doesn’t want to leave their wig in the changing rooms.

Is the wig a tax deductable item?

For tax deduction of the cost of a wig you must indicate on the invoice that the product purchased is a wig or hair implants. The invoice must be attached to the medical certificate attesting to the disease or the treatments that caused the hair loss.

The tax deductable percentage may vary according to the territory where it was purchased.

A wig is considered a medical device, private insurance could help to fully cover its cost.

How often should I wash my wig?

We advise washing your wig once every seven days or when it seems dirty. As a rule of thumb, if the hair tips don’t move freely, it is time to wash the wig.

Are your wigs already styled?

Yes. All wigs are pre-cut and styled based on the model.

We advise your to personalise the style to suit your own face shape and, if necessary, correct the cut to your face, especially the fringe. For cutting it is advisable to contact a professional hairdresser.

Do you have wigs for people suffering from total or near-total hair loss?

Fair Fashion created Natural Line, a line of natural human hair wigs for those who have lost their hair due to alopecia, radiation treatments, chemotherapy or other causes.

A wig should not only be comfortable for sensitive skin, but also be resistant to withstand everyday wear and tear, even of the most active women. For this reason Natural Line have created 5 different caps (shells) suited for the needs and lifestyles of different women: Sentivive Cap, Confidence Cap, Comfort Cap, Natural Cap, Basic Cap and Anti-Slip Cap.

Do you lighten the knots?

Yes. This is an additional service that we produce on request for customized orders.

All you need to know about hair and wig production

All you need to know about hair and wig production

As you probably know, a wig can be made using either natural hair or synthetic fibres. Obviously wigs created with real hair have a more natural look. Real hair has a texture and luminosity; its own unique colour (never homogenous but a rich tapestry of shades); a unique movement; it is softer than manufactured fibres; and can be styled in any way you want.

By hair movement, we mean the direction that the hair takes on, and how they wave and fall across the face and shoulders. When talking about natural hair, much depends on the length and thickness of the hair: generally, the longer and thinner the hair the more movement. But what actually influences the movement of the hair the most is the state of health. Porous hair appears lifeless and opaque, chemically treated hair can appear dry or “glassy”.

Healthy Vs Damaged Hair in wig production
Needless to say, the condition and health of hair is extremely important in end quality of a wig.

A natural hair wig is well made when the hair is in an optimal state of health and correctly knotted in a way that creates movement and gives a natural direction to the hair, creating the effect of a full head of hair.

The type of hair used in wig production is one of the most important factors that distinguish the quality of one wig from another.

The more characteristics of natural hair that are preserved through the wig production process, the more the wig will seem like our own hair.

On today’s market, there is a wide choice of natural and synthetic wigs available, but even amongst natural hair wigs, there is a range of quality.

The quality of the finished product will depend on the quality of the hair used and the ability of the expert wigmaker in the crafting of the product.

Hair structure and characteristics

Before diving into the phases of wig production lets us reflect on the structure and features of natural hair.

The hair has three layers

If you take a cross-section of hair, you can see 3 concentric layers:

  • Medulla – the internal layer is made up of the cells responsible for hair growth.
  • cortex – the middle layer is made up of melanin rich cells – responsible for the hairs colour.
  • cuticle – the external layer is made of overlapping flat cells that protect the hair keeping it colourful, strong and healthy.

Hair structure - showing 3 layers

The cuticle

The part of the hair that we can see and touch is known as the cuticle. The state of the cuticle is a key indicator to the actual health of the hair. The hair is healthy if the cuticle is healthy.
The flat cells that make up the cuticle overlap much like roofing tiles, always pointing in the same direction – with the open side pointing towards the tip of the hair.

The cells making up the cuticle (often referred to as cuticles) all lay in the same direction with the open end towards the hair tip. This particular feature of the cuticle is responsible for the shininess of our hair and allows individual hairs to slide one over the other without getting tangled and knotted.

When the cuticle is intact and healthy, our hair appears soft, shiny and elastic. On the other hand when the cuticle is damaged or consumed, the hair can appear opaque, exhausted, dehydrated and lacks elasticity
Chemical treatments such as bleaching and dyeing; excessive use of heat; and use of strong products can all cause the cuticle scales to lift off, damaging the cuticle.

The importance of the cuticle

So the health and beauty of our hair depends on the health of the cuticle.

True for hair, this is also true for the hair used in wig production. It is therefore important to choose wigs the use hair with an intact cuticle, especially for longer hair wig models (30-35cm or more).

Hair used in wig production today are mostly of Indian and oriental origin. They are mainly dark hair that has been through a process of depigmentation before being coloured according to the requirements of the wig producer. But to create a natural looking wig, one must use natural, healthy, virgin hair that has never been chemically treated. If these guidelines are not followed, then the hair is not 100% healthy to start with, you risk ruining them further.

Processing real hair wigs

Creating high quality wigs with real hair is a complex process. Precise quality standards must be observed in each phase of production, from sourcing of the raw material, processing of the hair through to the final packaging of the product.

Sourcing of the hair

High quality raw materials are essential for high end wig production. We select strong, healthy hair that have never been chemically treated (hair that has never undergone bleaching or dyeing).

The hair must be Remy Hair – hair with the same direction from root to tip and intact cuticles.

During the collection phase the hair must first be tied into braids or queues to maintain the same root to tip direction (and so also maintaining the cuticles in the same direction). We then cut the braids or queues.

True Remy Hair are a minority on the market due to the strong demand and high sourcing costs.

Hair damaged by bleaching under an electron microscope


The processing continues with a careful and delicate depigmentation of the hair. The aim is to bleach the hair while keeping the cuticles intact and respecting the hair structure.

The time required varies depending on the desired end colour. For example, if you want a light blonde wig, the hair (usually dark in origin – brown or chestnut) will go through a gradual depigmentation process, which can take several days.

Some wig manufacturers use strong products to accelerate the depigmentation, cutting costs at the expense of the hair. Aggressive bleaching can permanently ruin hair and the hair structure, compromising their integrity.

The hair can become dry with split ends, losing their natural softness and shine. They often become tangled and in extreme cases the cuticle actually lifts up and can peel off.

Silicone products are often used to give temporary body, gloss and smoothness. This will be lost after the first few washes. Wigs made in such a way soon have dull, dry hair that easily tangles and knots.

Hair dyeing process

After depigmentation the wig is coloured – always using delicate products. The hair are divided and dyed in a variety of colours: black, brown, red, blond and all intermediate shades. We also produce shaded, darker regrowth and shatush effects.

Creation of the wig models

The raw materials are now ready for the creation of one of our wig models.

Aside from the technical aspects, when designing each model, our stylists take into consideration the person who will wear it.

  • CAP: although our wig caps are generally of medium size (54cm circumference), they have different characteristics.
    Most importantly, we use high quality, hypoallergenic materials that are gentle on the skin. Covers must be lightweight, resistant and have a fair degree of elasticity.
  • Hair thickness: our hair experts take great care when assessing the thickness of each model (measured in how many grams of hair are used). The wig must be natural to the eye and comfortable to wear.
    A wig must not be too heavy. At the same time it must recreate the effect of a natural head of hair: neither too thin nor too full.
  • STYLE: in most natural wigs hair are tied onto the cap. During this process we can give a precise direction to the hair, creating the wigs unique style. Being natural hair these can be blow dried to create movement and get the desired look.
  • HAIR TYPE: the choice of hair type in a wig depends primarily on the length of the cut. Models with longer cut use hair with the cuticle intact or partially removed. Shorter hair models we prefer to use partially or completely removed cuticles. Our reasons for doing this are below.

The role of cuticles in long haired wigs

For long-haired wigs we use Remy Hair with intact cuticles as only this type of hair can maintain the softness and body of our own hair. The cuticles are necessary as they protect longer hair – that is more exposed to stresses of everyday life than shorter hair such as blow drying and tangling with clothing. Running in the same direction, the intact cuticles will help the individual strands of hair slide over one another freely without tangles and knotting.

When a strand of hair is tied onto the wig, the section of hair that protrudes from the knot will run in the opposite direction to the rest of the hair.

In technical jargon this section of the hair is called the “return from the knot” and thus has the cuticles facing in the opposite direction to the rest. This causes tangles and knots as the opposite facing cuticles rub one anther up in the wrong way.
To remedy we remove the remainder of the hair from the “return from the knot”, thus allowing us to create a wig of intact – single direction cuticle that preserves the fundamental characteristics of natural hair – fullness, strength and shine.

The hair we use in shorter haired wigs

In wig models with shorter hair it is not necessary to use intact cuticles. Why?

First off consider that in short haired wigs you don’t get the rubbing of hair on clothes and excessive stresses that effect the health of the hair that you get in a long haired wig.

Emily Model - European, virgin Remy Hair

Furthermore, consider that the ratio between the length of the “return from the knot” and the rest of the hair that will be about the same length: 10 cm “return from the knot” versus 10/15 cm from the rest of the hair. The complex process required to make the cuticle only in “return from the knot” thus has little sense (remember that one-directional cuticle is needed to prevent your hair from tangling). Consequently, we prefer to use decuticolised hair, so that we can deliver quality products with reduced processing costs and, consequently, at lower sales price.

For short hair wigs, the use of hair with the cuticle fully removed does not affect the quality of the end product.

Only in the Emily model, made with European hair – the most prized quality on the market, have we chosen to use exclusively Remy Hair with whole, intact cuticle. It is a forced choice: the finest quality of hair, merits only the best processing. The result is an excellent product that combines quality of raw material with cutting edge processing.

In our Natural Cap calotte the “return from the knot” is held within multiple layers of monofilament, this allows only the lower part of the hair to protrude. The result is a wig with all hair turned in the same direction. This type of craftsmanship creates a cap of hair with intact cuticles.

Choosing a wig

Looks can be deceiving, so it pays to find out exactly how a wig is made before making a purchase. Look for a brand that can certify the quality of the hair used and suitability of the hair processing.

We advise you to evaluate carefully the products on the market that use only healthy Remy Hair with a guarantee of careful handling and processing that respects the hair structure and thus guarantees the creation of a wig that will remain beautiful and healthy for a long time.

The essential elements of careful and highly professional hair processing

  • The use of the highest quality of virgin Remy Hair in perfect state of health with intact and aligned cuticles.
  • The use of delicate products that respect the capillary structure of the hair in every phase of processing including depigmentation and dyeing.
  • The correct processing and appropriate knotting of the hair to the cap.
  • The use of materials and accessories exclusively of the finest quality.

Having a sound knowledge of wig production will allow you to make a wise and educated choice when it comes to buying a wig.

If you want a natural result, imperceptible to the untrained eye and touch; if you would like a longer lasting wig that will remain beautiful, soft and shiny; we advise you to opt for a wig manufacturer that uses hair of the highest quality: whole Remy Hair with intact cuticle.

Natural Line Wig Colours

Natural Line Colours

Wearing a Natural Line wig gives you the feeling of having your own hair back. This is not only thanks to our extra thin, light-weight, hand-crafted caps (that give the wearer an unparalleled comfort), but also the extremely natural range of modern colours used.

With a depth of knowledge and close collaboration with leading hair stylists, we have created a line of wigs that leave no stone unturned:

  • Innovative Caps
  • Natural colours of the highest quality
  • Modern and extremely natural colours

Our meticulous attention to style and competence that distinguish us – the fruit of years of experience can be found in the range of colours on offer in our wig collection.

Fair Fashion Natural Line wigs are available in more than 32 different colours. We aim to offer a wide choice to ensure that our customers have no need to dye the wig to make it similar to their own colour.

Glamourous cuts and fashionable colours allow you to maintain or improve your look without anyone spotting the difference.

Why are the Natural Line colours so natural?

To reproduce the natural appearance of a head of hair the colours are always multi-tone. In fact, if you take a bunch of hair, it is made up of lots of individual strands of similar colour tones – the hair is not all the same colour. On close inspection you will see different shadings caused for example by natural sun bleaching.

Hair experts work through the wig centimetre by centimetre following precise patterns and inserting different hair colours in order to create the effects of light and movement, giving our wigs a very natural appearance.
For example, we add 2-3 similar colours to create a unique and non-uniform effect that appears very natural.

Our brown hair colours are always multi-tone:

2/4 colours4/6 colour8/32 color6/8/10 color10/12 colour

You can also choose from other mixed colours from brown through to light blonde:


Over the last few years, traditional hair colours have been on the decline, making way for a myriad of tones and shades. Following closely these trends, we have introduced wigs with different including wigs with shatush, degrade and darker roots/ regrowth effects, for example:

Shaded effect


Root/ regrowth effect


Since we use 100% natural hair, you can certainly customize the colour of each wig. However, we advise against colouring the hair by yourself, instead visit your nearest authorised salon.

We also strongly advise against discolouring any wig – doing so can cause permanent damage to the hair. Colouring of the wig should always be from lighter tones to darker tones.

Wig Care and Maintenance

Wig Care and Maintenance

Plus 12 Wig Care and Maintenance Products

As hair on a wig is not attached to the scalp, it is unable to benefit from the substances produced by the body to protect the hair. Even cuticle-intact Remy hair, the best quality hair available on the market, requires greater care than natural hair, and needs to be moisturized using quality products. Our products compensate for this lack of nourishment, helping treated and colored hair, such as the hair of the wigs, look its very best.

PLUS 12 is the new line of wig care and maintenance products from Fair Fashion, designed to meet the specific needs of treated and colored hair such as hair of the wigs.

Each product contains a blend of 12 organically grown plants, obtained by enzymatic extraction, which combine with other specially chosen active ingredients. The synergic action of the various extracts gives a complete and effective plant complex, to restructure, nourish and strengthen the hair, from root to tip.

All PLUS12 wig care and maintenance products are free from SULPHATES, SILICONE, MINERAL OILS, PARABENS and CMIT/MIT.

The 12 organic extracts of PLUS12

  • WILLOW to combat desquamation and dandruff
  • CHESTNUT to restructure brittle and damaged hair
  • DEVIL’S CLAW to soothe an irritated scalp, reducing itching
  • OLIVE to nourish dry and damaged hair, giving strength and softness
  • WALNUT to protect the hair from outside stress, such as heat and chemical dyes
  • LEMON antiseptic properties ideal for greasy hair
  • OAK like lemon, deep cleanses the scalp and prevents dandruff
  • LINSEED oil rich in vitamin F, ideal for dry and brittle hair
  • APPLE high in vitamins, restoring health and body to the hair
  • CALENDULA its anti-redness and soothing properties help to regenerate the dermis and epidermis, reducing irritation and desquamation of the scalp
  • CAMOMILE its anti-inflammatory action helps soothe an irritated scalp, reducing itching
  • NETTLE helps prevent oiliness and dandruff and strengthens the hair.

Plus 12 Wig Nourishing Shampoo


Multifunctional shampoo for treated and colored hair, ideal for wigs in human hair. Delicate cleansing action thanks to the blend of surfactants, which respect the skin’s natural water-lipid balance.

Contains various active substances and amino acids, such as arginine, to restructure, reinforce and protect brittle and damaged hair, giving strength and nourishment to the entire hair structure. Keratin and wheat protein nourish the hair right down to the cortex, protecting the hair from root to tip, and increasing brightness and shine.

Nutritional mask wig care


Its restructuring and reinforcing action is ideal for treated and colored hair, specific for human hair wigs. Nourishes deep down, giving body and bounce to brittle and damaged hair which tends to break.

Shea butter and olive oil, thanks to their unsaponifiable fraction rich in squalene, plant sterols, oleic and linoleic acid, strengthen dry and damaged hair, increasing resistance to the mechanical stress caused by styling.

Reduces split ends and helps prevent their formation.

Restructuring Lotion Wig Care


A spray lotion to be used after every wash. Ideal for wigs and hair extensions.

With its nourishing, strengthening and protective action, this lotion is ideal for the treatment of brittle and damaged hair. Particularly recommended for stressed or treated hair. Makes styling easier and protects against heat stress, so you can use straightening irons with confidence.

Contains a special, latest generation quaternized KERATIN which rebuilds the damaged cuticles, giving a uniform appearance to the hair and restoring shine. Its strong conditioning action gives softness and shine to dry hair, repairing the damaged hair shaft.

Hair brush designed for wigs


A brush specifically designed for wigs. For wig care and maintenance best practice, brushing is recommended several times a day, especially if the wig is very long.

Regular brushing keeps the cuticles closed, helping to prevent tangling.

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